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The Blinding Light!! SHOWS AUGUST 1999

Friday July 30 8:30pm
Come on down and join in the celebrations as we toast the first anniversary of North America's only full-time devoted underground cinema: The Blinding Light!! With over 450 films fired across the screen, a staggering 6000 (and counting) members and many million kernels of corn popped, the future looks, well, blinding. The festivities get under way at 8:30pm as we unwind highlight clips from the past year's shows, blare decadent tunes for the jetset courtesy of PHONIQUE, Vancouver's own saints of scratched celluloid soundtracks and bumpin' obscurities, SCREEN multiple projections of visual ephemera and strangeness, and GIVE AWAY a load of free passes, sassy new Blinding Light!! t-shirts and more! But that's not all. BE A PART OF HISTORY, LEAVE YOUR MARK: upon entering you will see a long strip of 16mm film layed out which we invite you to scratch, scrape, punch, colour with a multitude of markers and otherwise deface with your own hand. Before the night is over, we will roll it all up and spin it through the projectors in an inspired dual mondovision presentation. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Also watch for the unveiling of one, The Blinding Light!!'s giganormous ëzine in which virtually every filmmaker who has shown work here over the past year has contributed a page. A chunky hunk of anti-coffee table printed matter and cinematic history, pick up your copy at the party for a special discounted price!

Saturday & Sunday July 31/August 1 8:30pm
The marriage of pornography and the avant-garde - as subversion, celebration and critique has long been a controversial and favoured subject by the knee-jerk right as well as the oft-indulgent left. Is it time to stop feeling guilty and enjoy ourselves? Cum on down and check in to the boudoir to decide for yourself, as we present a slew of contemporary films that fall into the art film category (all made by men - hmmm...) up against a handful of genuine ë60 porn peep shows on Super 8 and regular 8 which fall into the other art film category... Scott Stark's NOEMA takes the awkward in between moments from generic pornography to create mesmerizing rhythms and a literal breakdown of pornography; Eric Prykowski's PORNGLES AD rubs a Pringles Potato Chip commercial up against the classic BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR; Shawn Chapelle's XXX SPACEJUNK takes his trademark rapidfire montage techniques to the limit as we zoom on flesh to the point of stained-glass abstraction; Jacob Pander's now infamous THE OPERATION uses infrared video technology to create a visually sumptuous encounter between doctor and patient in a post-apocalyptic operating room. Michael Turner blends a found black and white skin flick with a poetic rumination on pornography in HEIRS TO A FELT FORTUNE; and R. Rihoto's WHAT TO DO BEING BORING blendspixelvision with japanese comic books and porn.

Tuesday & Wednesday August 3/4 8:30pm
We are very pleased to present this Edison Classic - a collection of twisted ë50s and ë60s industrial/educational films and contemporary works bent on the capitalist obsession with SELLING and CONSUMING! Follow Jerry Miller on his daily door-to-door rounds to uncover why his numbers have dropped and the secrets to success and confidence in selling the American Dream in THE POWER OF ENTHUSIASM. An ironic testament to the utopian economic ideals of corporate America in the ë50s. Experience MARKETING CAREERS, a ë60s educational propoganda film aimed at senior high school students and hosted by an absurdly enthusiastic gameshow host/salesman type (who won't shut up). One big sell job on the unlimited potential and complete viability of the American Dream (ha!), complete with psychedelic visual fireworks and a wild soundtrack. PLUS: Eric Saks' DON FROM LAKEWOOD, a haunting and hilarious extended prank phone call between Don and a hapless used furniture salesman he targets, all shot on Pixelvision using inventive puppets and cardboard cutouts. Also, Saks' YOU TALK/I BUY a mad pixelrant film by a Used Car Salesman who could sell you anything! Come early for the scratch film mix of Using Credit, a modish industrial that will fine tune your credit card skills and have you in the poorhouse in no time!

Thursday August 5 8:30pm

The first in a monthly series of classic films presented with live accompaniment by the Eye of Newt Collective, featuring Mark Nodwell on Sax, Stefan Smulovitz on Bass and Andreas Hernandez on Samples and Drums. EYE OF NEWT COLLECTIVE have performed for live dance, film and a host of other cross-over collaboration with their trademark jazz experimentation-fused ambience.
This evening the collective perform live to the silent classic METROPOLIS. Fritz Lang's 1926 fear the future sci-fi extravaganza is an engaging tale of freedom fighting, sexy robots and the ultimate in futuristic city design. Featuring incredible sets and special effects, as well as a cinematic architecture like no other METROPOLIS still stands as one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time. Don't miss this astounding film and an astounding live soundtrack!!

Fri, Sat & Sun August 6/7/8 8:30pm

Pirated TV, exposed media personalities and spin doctors revealed! Director Brian Springer spent two years with a sattelite dish and a VCR lifting TV outtakes appropriated from network satellite feeds to create this incisive and aggressive documentary revealing the tightly spun fabric of television which silences public debate and furthers intolerance of anyone outside the pack of journalists, politicians, spin doctors and televangelists who manufacture the news. SPIN moves through the L.A. rebellion and the floating TV talk-show called the 1992 presidential election creating a devastating critique of television's profound manipulativeness in the way it packages the news and politics. (Steven Holden). ALSO: Adam Goldman's THE MARK TWAIN COMPANY, a deadpan study of the enterprises - both wildly corporate and harmlessly small-town - which feed off the work, life, and myth of Mark Twain (aka Samuel L. Clemens). A canny critical treatise on relations between artists, estates, heirs, intellectual property, and public memory....crucial insight into how artistic intentions are unexpectedly transformed by historical forces. (Craig Baldwin)

Tuesday August 10 8:30pm
Back by popular demand: SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE
Withdrawn from circulation in 1984 and never before subtitled, legendary Situationist Guy Debord's long-impossible to see film, SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE (1973, 87 min.), returns by request! SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE is an intense and densely packed ontage assembled out of detourned images from feature films, pornography, commercials and news footage. Few groups have had as profound an impact on French culture as the Situationist Internationale with its unparalleled interrogation of political and cultural relations. While the writing of leading Situationist Guy Debord has become the cornerstone of postmodernism, his paintings, artist books, and films remain unknown. (Keith Sanborn, translator/subtitles) Debord's analysis of a society suspended inside the free space of the commodity infiltrates every frame. (Steve Seid, PFA)

Wednesday August 11
Runs August 5-15 at various venues around town. For full festival info call 688-WEST (ext 2014). NOTE: OUT ON SCREEN membership and prices in effect!
A program of innovative films and videos that look at the increased regulating and sanitizing of queer lives. Program includes THE FRUIT MACHINE (Wrik Mead), THE FALL OF COMMUNISM AS SEEN IN GAY PORNOGRAPHY (William E Jones), AMNESIA (Jerry Tartaglia), GAY SHAME 98 (Scott Berry), HOMOGENEITY (Lori Millan and Shawna Dempsey). The program will begin with a selection of Super 8 films commissioned for ILLICIT ACTS, at last year's MIX (NYC) FESTIVAL, curated and presented in person here by Stephen Kent Jusick.
A look at thriving queerness in the face of domination and conformity. Program includes: DISGRACEFUL CONDUCT (Eva Webber), THE INTERROGATION (Lori Duggan), BIRCH (Steve Kokker), SANDO TO SAMANTHA: AKA THE ART OF DIKVEL (Jack Lewis/Thulanie Phungula).

Thursday August 12 8:30pm
Get that dang film down here! With an 85% success rate (85% of BYO8 films are wholly watchable and entertaining, while only 15% suck according to recent polls), we encourage you to bring your secret masterpiece down for us all to feast our eyes on. Super 8, 16mm and VHS are the formats, 10 minutes is the maximum time (excerpts accepted) and it's only $3 to get in if you're carrying! (membership is, of course, required, and has its privileges.)

Fri, Sat & Sun August 13/14/15 8:30pm
BARBIE NATION: AN UNAUTHORISED TOUR is Susan Stern's meticulously researched and wide-ranging examination of the social and personal impact of one of the world's most recognisable icons: the Barbie Doll. BARBIE NATION examines the lives and motivations of those obsessed with the doll ranging from adult obsessive collectors to sex fetishists who pose their Barbies in an intriguing range of set-ups in custom built dungeons! Barbie conventions, Barbie look-alike contests, entire Barbie worlds and anti-Barbie protesters...they're all here. Through interviews with founder of the giant Mattel Corporation Ruth Handler (who named Ken and Barbie after her children), BARBIE NATION traces the changing social consciousness of a generation and steps well away from the easy exploitation angle. In fact, one of the film's most fascinating elements is finding out what Ruth Handler pursued after being fired by Mattell... Featuring clips from new and archival TV ads from around the world, interviews with those obsessed by Barbie's power and those who have turned it into BIG business, BARBIE NATION is a fascinating study of American culture and its reflection on the most popular mass-marketed doll ever sold. PLUS: BITCH & BUTCH, the pixelvision short featuring plastic dolls in a lesbian fantasy fresh out of their store packaging!

Tuesday & Wednesday August 17/18 8:30pm
Director Brent Sims takes us deep into the world of day to day survival for teenagers and young adults: so-called gutter punks. Through extremely candid and honest interviews, GUTTER PUNKS explores the facade of freedom to lay bare a barren landscape of frustration and alienation. Whether abused as children, on the run, drifting or just trying street life on for size, these souls simultaneously reject social acceptance while craving the comfort it has to offer. Sims puts himself in the frontline of raw emotions as his subjects explore their feelings toward each other, their environment and their future. Set in New Orleans and forever surrounded by the good time artifice of a party town, GUTTER PUNKS is never pandering and always powerful, extremely honest, moving and wholly absorbing stuff. ALSO ON THE BILL: VIDEOS FROM STREET VIEWS created during the Street Views program which took place at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School (GIFTS) in the fall of '97 and '98. Funded by the Vancouver Foundation, Street Views helped give street-involved youth the tools to tell their stories and share their visions. Unscarred is a short piece about abuse and two youth searching for resolution and a positive self-image.(Tara Lynn Jacklin, Adrian Foxx); Please Consider This: Crucifix Talk Blues This ë98 Street Views production uses original hip-hop to ask difficult questions about hate and redemption. (C.R. Avery, Toni Kewageshig, Gino Christopher); Maybe I'm All Messed Up is the story of what drove 3 young people to the streets. An inspirational and award winnning ë97 Street Views production. (Sarah Dolan, Shannon Grass, Chris Twist Jones); Our Creation is a collage of dance and poetry full of heart, soul and hope. (David Russell DeCoine, Melissa Kramer, Amber McIntyre-Byatt). CO-PRESENTED BY AMES (Access to Media Education Society, a registered non-profit organization dedicated to making media technology and training accessible to communities and individuals whose voices are rarely heard or seen in the mainstream media.

Thursday August 19 8:30pm
THE ORGANIZATION MAN:The End of Society As We Know It
After a three month intensive period of lab work, and newly inspired by amendments to the liquor laws, THE ORGANIZATION MAN brings the original psycho-sonic-multimedia-freak-out back to the Blinding Light!! This time...they are not alone. Brought to you as always by The Truth Channel in co-operation with the GVRD, Charleton Heston, Joel Grey, Haskell Wexler, Creosote Initiatives and Joe Carbury - THE ORGANIZATION MAN is sure to incite the usual Bacchic frenzy.
What we're going for is a kind of Japanese businessman's luncheon on acid. - Ed Martin (Sr.)

Fri, Sat, Sun August 20/21/22 8:30pm
Though the title easily conjurs up images of Vegas a la Showgirls, and while the film does feature a few scenes from Verhoeven's critique of America's fame-whore mentality, STRIPPED & TEASED is in fact a very personal account of the women behind the glittery faÁade that is Las Vegas. STRIPPED & TEASED avoids all the stereotypes and cliches ordinarily associated with Vegas, replacing exploitation film preconceptions with real and engrossing human drama. Smartly paced and built in part from the filmmaker's own immersion into the City of Tinsel, the film delves deeply into the lives and motivations of all of Vegas' women: hostesses at Caesar's Palace, union bosses, exotic dancers, taxi drivers, hotel maids, construction workers and, of course, showgirls. Along the way, we discover that Las Vegas actually has one of the fastest growing populations of any city in America today. The needs and desires of these women - and the filmmaker herself - are curiously impacted by the artificial town they have chosen to live in. Is the fantasy of a perfect life in the desert that strong? How do regular folk function in a completely artificial city?

Tuesday to Sunday August 24-29 8:30pm
A live multimedia dance performance choreographed by Shirka Urechko.

Don't miss this incredible 6 day run of choreographer/dancer SHIRKA URECHKO's MOTH. Based on the life cycle of one of nature's most misunderstood creatures, MOTH is intimate, mesmerizing and highly energetic dance, integrating a powerful group of performers with three of Vancouver's top visualists. Dancers include local luminaries Sarah Brewer, Dean Makarenko, Steven Horwood and Shirka Urechko. MOTH integrates live film and video elements by ORGANIZATION MAN member BRIAN JOHNSON, Blinding Light!! founder and visualist Alex MacKenzie aka PHOSPHENE and STARKLAND STUDIOS' BARRY C. PAUL. At the audio helm is Vancouver composer and digital found sound experimentalist Nathan Isberg.


Tue & Wed August 31 & Sept 1 8:30pm
Linda Feesey and Kika Thorne are two of Canada's most respected celluloid saboteurs, digging their respective emulsion into sex, guns, genderfucking and radical politics. Feesey's Regular 8 films - made solely with the available equipment of her deceased father - are easily on par and often surpass her American CINEMA OF TRANSGRESSION contemporaries. Feesey takes the in-your-face mentality of this American underground movement and adds two parts introspection and one part painful honesty, with exploitation aimed squarely at the self. Her innovative use of double exposures, blurring frames and aggressive soundtracks bleed together with images of self-mutilation, guns, knives, and drug overdoses to create intensely personal, unrestrained and steadily aggressive works of pain and assault. Kika Thorne has been producing work for well over a decade. A prolific writer as well as image-maker, Thorne's films stretch from her intensely personal and cunt-centric early works to her simultaneously playful and serious politically spawned more recent videos. Working with bare essentials Thorne uncovers the playful elements in both the personal and the political, always serious but never losing sight of humour as a mandatory antidote to the issues at hand. For this west-coast premiere screening films by Linda Feesey will include selections from her FUCKHEAD FILM CYCLE, a rarely seen two part series, including SUSIE Q, 7-11, TARGET PRACTICE WITH ORGAN MEAT, DROWING and others. Works by Kika Thorne will include Mattress City (Co-directed with Adrian Blackwell), October 25+26, 1996, Suspicious (Co-directed with Kelly O'Brien), Yearbook, SCHOOL, DIVISION and others.

Thursday September 2 8:30pm

Don't miss the second installment of Eye Of Newt Collective's intense and wildly inventive live musical accompaniment to classic silent films. Charlie Chaplin's amazing CITY LIGHTS is considered by most to be one of his greatest films and was his last silent film. Once again displaying his incredible talent for balancing humour and pathos, Chaplin plays his familiar Little Tramp character and falls in love with a beautiful flower girl who is blind. Through a series of happy accidents, he manages to get the money he needs to pay for the surgery which will allow her to see...

Friday September 3 8:30pm

Saturday & Sunday September 4/5 8:30pm
Zine aesthetics are dissected, the zine network examined and participants are grilled in Marc Moscato's rapid fire and ultra low-budget look at an uncontrolled, uncompromising and unrestrained exchange of ideas and free press which seeks, among many other things, to subvert the popular aesthetic of glossy publications and to abuse other people's (usually corporations') photocopiers! This wide-ranging and aesthetically exploding documentary could very well be described as a film version of a fanzine, and herein lies its appeal. Moscato, (creator of the GENERATION LATEX zine himself) speaks with an amazingly diverse range of zine editors and producers whose photocopied diatribes range from a devotion to art, things you find in the garbage, dance music, punk rock, politics, satire, gender blurring and nothing in particular. Interviews feature APE FANZINE, FREEFIXINS, MRR, PSYCHO MOTO, RIVERSIDE ART SCENE, THE SALIVATION ARMY and loads of others. Technically, the whole production is fantastic and shows the immense amount of work that went into it...humorous clips from old movies are spliced in, they take the camera to the streets, and use lots of video effects that do not get too overblown. FACTSHEET FIVE ALSO ON THE BILL: a collection of zine-friendly shorts including the latest from San Fran's King of Super 8 DANNY PLOTNICK entitled I, SOCKY and Russ Forster's latest shorts including the provocatively silly CANDY IS DANDY, A $323 FILM, and his very latest SNAPSHOT OLYMPIA. SPECIAL NOTATION YOU WILL WANT TO NOTE: In the tradition of zine trading, bring TWO copies of your zine and get in for FREE (membership still required!)

Thursday Sept. 9 to Sunday Sept. 19
The Fringe Festival takes over the Blinding Light!! as a venue for the madness that is The Fringe. Check their printed schedule for details and other participating venues, or call 257-0350, e-mail and check out their website at

Tuesday & Wednesday September 21/22 8:30pm
A modish mix of retro films that point up our ongoing cultural obsession with all thing trendy, of-the-moment and in vogue. Films include MS. SMILE, produced by Paramount as a promotional for a Ms. Smile contest held in California in the mid ë60s, and featuring a Beach-Boys-esque soundtrack and a lot of women in bathing suits carrying cameras around and smiling smiling smiling! A TALE OF GODS AND FASHION was produced by Dupont in the ë60s as a promotional vehicle for a wide (and sometimes ugly) range of dacron, rayon, polyester and other chemical-based apparel all dropped into a weird tale of love, pursuit and loss narrated in a pseudo-greek style fable(!) LONELY BOY is the beautifully conceived film which follows Canada's own Paul Anka as he is transformed into an American pop idol, giving us a slice of early sixites fashion in the form of screaming teenagers, clean-cut parents, music and Anka's nosejob. Z-BRICK: THE QUALITY OF ELEGANCE explores the fashions in trendy wallcoverings - a lifestyle choice, really. Must be seen to be believed!

Thursday September 23 8:30pm
Last chance to indulge yourself before we're immersed in the Film Festival, so don't miss out! Bring your home movies, your student films, your Digital video masterworks and more! We play ëem all!! 16mm, Super 8 and VHS are our preferred formats (cued please!). Nothing over ten minutes and only $3 to get in if you're carrying....

Friday September 24 to Friday October 8
Watch for special intimate screenings, directors talks, and late night parties as we transform into an official venue for the Vancouver International Film Festival. Call the festival at 685-0260 for more information as the festival approaches, or pick up the festival guide and check out their website at


Saturday & Sunday October 9/10 8:30pm
Jeff Krulik achieved cult status ten years ago as the man behind the hilariously disturbing HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT. While HMPL has been circulating for a long time on the underground circuit, Jeff has been busy creating even wilder and more astounding slices of real life along with his band of merry friends. We are pleased to present a special selection of some of the strangest and most engaging underground films around in this collection of Krulik films and beyond, including: Chuck (Devo rock video director) Statler's seminal AINT WE HAVING FUN?; PUBLIC ACCESS GIBBERISH, Krulik's early public access studio madness; KING OF PORN, featuring Ralph Whittington and his incredible collection of Porn; KING OF THE FREAKS, a trailer for the story of Johnny Eck the half-boy who appeared in the Tod Browning masterpiece Freaks; MR. BLASSIE GOES TO WASHINGTON, wherein a loud-mouthed self-proclaimed king of men professional wrestler is set loose on the streets of Washington, DC; ERNEST BORGNINE ON TOUR - Ernest Borgnine behind the wheel of his 40 foot bus traveling across America (a must-see if there ever was one); HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT, the classic Krulik film of Judas Priest fans awaiting the concert while getting drunk, high, and stupid; NEIL DIAMOND PARKING LOT - ten years later, the follow-up!; I Created Lancelot Link, the trailer for this reminiscence with the creators of LANCELOT LINK, a saturday morning TV show with chimps starring as secret agents! PLUS: TRIBUTE TO MAL, ROCK AND ROLL PSYCHOSIS, MEET FANBOY, ?, TV'S FROM OUTER SPACE (BUTCH WILLIS & THE ROCKS MUSIC VIDEO)

Tuesday & Wednesday October 12/13 8:30pm
The American Underground Then and Now, Part 1:

Vanguard Filmmaker, radical photographer, seminal performance artist, Queer saint: Jack Smith was one of the most accomplished and influential underground artists in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, a key figure in the cultural history of Downtown film, performance, and art. From the late 1950s until his death from A.I.D.S. in 1989, Smith was chiefly recognized for his work in film and performance. Innovative and idiosyncratic, Smith explored and developed a deceptively frivolous camp aesthetic, importing allusions to B-Grade Hollywood films and elements of social and political critique into the arena of high art. In FLAMING CREATURES, his best known film, characters cavort in a setting reminiscent of the court of Ali Baba, with a mood suggestive of the paintings of Heironymous Bosch. The film is a quasi-documentary of Androgynes and Transvestites in which flaccid penises and bouncing breasts are so ambiguously equated as to disarm any distinction between male and female. In Flaming Creatures, Smith manages to combine the ornate imagination of his youth with the realities of adult fantasy. (Stars Francis Francine, Joel Markman, and others; sound by Tony Conrad). ALSO: Two recent works by legendary American underground filmmaker Bruce Baillie. From the creator of such seminal films as ALL MY LIFE, CASTRO STREET, MASS FOR THE DAKOTA SIOUX and many others, come these two touching and engaging contemporary works produced on video. Baillie currently lives in Washington State with his wife and children and has recently enjoyed a renewed interest in his work with retrospectives across America and works commissioned by the Venice Film festival and others. A true poet of the cinema, Ballie is recognized for the lyrical and moving quality of his films and celebrated for his ability to capture moments and magic through the camera's lens with an innate understanding of composition and light. P-32 PILOT is a gorgeous abstraction of light on a screen door, and an experiment in the use of the negative image in video, a radical transition for cinema's master of light. The film integrates the voice over of the very pilot who is the subject of SALUTE. A touching and humorous tribute to a recently deceased friend, as well as a nostalgiac recognition of the humour that must be found in war in order to survive it, SALUTE is composed of footage from both Hollywood War films and WW!! archives blended with Baillie himself re-enacting the role of a pilot and reminiscing upon his childhood during the war. An immersive and touching tribute to a friend and a time.

Thursday October 14 8:30pm

Don't miss the third installment of Eye Of Newt's always magical and evocative musical accompaniment to classic silent films. This time around the Collective play with Dziga Vertoz's MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA, the Russian City Symphony masterpiece from the influential cameraman and Kino Eye founder. Featuring unparalleled camera techniques and editing pyrotechnics, Vertov's 1929 classic presents a dazzling and mind-expanding view of Moscow the City at an extremely memorable time of artistic and radical experimention. Kaleidoscopic camera effects, architectural abstractions, and rapid-fire montage elevates this dazzling film to moving sculpture and abstract historical record. Don't miss out!

Fri, Sat & Sun October 15/16/17 8:30pm
Sadie Benning is best known for her lush and mesmerizing short pixelvision films, created with the Fisher Price PXL 2000 toy camera. Fascinating self studies of a young woman developing her ideas about her place in the universe, Benning's shorts brought her to international attention as an artist to watch out for. Daughter of well known and respected experimental filmmaker James Benning (which certainly didn't hinder her access to the art world) Sadie was screening her works at such prestigious institutions as the Museum of Modern Art by the tender age of 17. We are pleased to present Sadie Benning's first feature film FLAT IS BEAUTIFUL. An experimental, live-action cartoon using masks, animation, subtitles, drawings and dramatic scenes to investigate the psychic life of an androgynous eleven-year-old girl. Growing up in a working class neighborhood with her single mother and gay roomate, Taylor confronts the loneliness of living between masculine and feminine in a culture obsessed with defining gender difference. Shifting between black and white film and her trademark grainy pixelvision video, FLAT IS BEAUTIFUL explores the internal and external worlds of sad people. Remarkable for its emotive engagement and moments of pure poiesis (drag shadow dancing), as well as for its extraordinary formalist push, Flat will be remembered as one of those rare anomalies that inform the integrity and history of independent feature filmmaking. (PleasureDome).

Tuesday & Wednesday October 19/20 8:30pm
The American Underground Then and Now, Part 2:

Stan Brakhage has long been considered the greatest experimental filmmaker alive today. Recognized for his incredible mastery of rhythm, colour and movement, he has produced hundreds of films over the span of his thirty year career. Phil Solomon (whose film REMAINS TO BE SEEN was shown here a few months back) is truly a kindred spirit and has created an impressive and stunning body of his own work with a particular focus on step-printing, a meticulous and labour-intensive process of rephotographing frames of film one at a time. ELEMENTARY PHRASES (38 min. silent 1994) is a hand-painted and elaborately step-printed collaboration between these two giants of the underground, with this screening being its first ever Western Canadian presentation. We are also thrilled to be able to present a rare screening of ANTICIPATION OF THE NIGHT (43 min. silent), a very early and lyrical piece by Stan Brakhage. Made in 1958, this piece is described here by the filmmaker himself: The daylight shadow of a man in its movement evokes lights in the night. A rose bowl held in hand reflects both sun and moon-like illumination. The opening of a doorway onto trees anticipates the twilight into the night. A child is born on the lawn, born of water with its promissory rainbow, and the wild rose. It becomes the moon and the source of all light. Lights of the night become young children playing a circular game. The moon moves over a pillared temple to which all lights return. There is seen the sleep of innocents in their animal dreams, becoming the amusement, their circular game, becoming the morning. The trees change colour and lose their leaves for the morn, they become the complexity of branches in which the shadow man hangs himself. Don't miss this extremely rare screening! (NOTE: We are offering FREE admission on the second night if you attend on the first for those who would like to see the films twice. Details at the door, photo ID required).

Thursday July 8 8:30pm
Come on down for a good old fashioned night of Bring Your Own Film - first films, found films, good films and bad films - we'll take them all (Super 8, 16mm and VHS please). Get here early if you want to screen as it's first come first serve! 10 minutes max (excerpts accepted) and $3 to get in if you're carrying...

Fri, Sat & Sun July 22/23/24 8:30pm
Hot on the heels of INSTRUMENT, the film soundtrack on that everyone's top ten list comes the film from whence it stems, a collaboration between Washington DC's FUGAZI and highly respected film and video director Jem Cohen (whose short subjects we have shown here at The Blinding Light!! in the recent past). The film covers the ten-year period from the band's inception in 1987 to present day activities. Well known for their anti-corporate stance as musicians, FUGAZI have managed to maintain their integrity for over a decade as one of America's most impressive indie bands, consistently refusing to make rock videos and remaining on their own independent label all the while. Far from a traditional documentary, the project is a musical document: a portrait of musicians at work. In director Jem Cohen's words: With no desire on my part or the band's to create a factual career survey or any kind of promotional vehicle, the project presented an opportunity to cut things loose. Mixing sync-sound 16mm, Super-8, video, and a wide range of archival formats, the piece includes concert footage, studio sessions, practice, touring, interviews and portraits of audience members from around the country. Pieceing it together over the course of about 5 years, I thought of bringing dub to documentary—of a project where unadulterated real-time performances, abstract, rough-hewn Super 8 collages and archival artifacts would collide and conjoin in a way that honestly represented musical experience. The project was edited with band members and extensively uses soundtrack elements provided by Fugazi specifically for the film.

Tuesday & Wednesday October 26/27 8:30pm
The fascination in UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena spawned by the X-Files has given birth to a major industry of merchandising, publishing and of course TV and film production. Starting from the premise that New Mexico holds a unique place in the annals of UFO history, journalist Anthony DellaFlora and filmmaker James Lujan delve into the state's treasure trove of flying saucer lore, from centuries-old Native American myths and beliefs up through the present-day preoccupation with the Roswell Incident, government conspiracy theories, and the search for spiritual meaning in the skies. Along the way, they introduce viewers to a subculture populated by obsessed enthusiasts, skeptics, cattle mutilation investigators, academics, abductees and just plain folks whose lives have been changed by their belief that they've had contact with extraterrestrials. Folklore, 21st century neuroses and commercial imperatives collide to create a truly unique culture. High Strange NEW MEXICO presents this culture, its conflicts and its spirit through a smart and honest pop-cultural eye.

Thursday & Friday October 28/29 8:30pm

Based on the historical tradition of the Salon des RefusÈs, this co-presentation of Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society and Video In showcases an uncurated selection of Canadian short films and videos recently rejected by the 1999 Vancouver International Film Festival. We invite all film and videomakers whose work was refused by the festival to send their films and videos to us. To be eligible for the screening, work must be under 30 minutes in length, be in 16mm, Beta-Sp or VHS screening formats, and be by Canadian media artists. This event will be programmed through a lottery draw: films and videos and the order in which they are shown will be determined by a draw made up of all the submissions. We will show as many works as time allows. The deadline for submissions for this event is October 1st, 1999. Call Caroline at 685-3841 for more info.

Sat & Sun October 30/31 8:30pm
Wildly hailed as one of the few genuinely honest portrayals of the Indie music scene, HALF-COCKED is the tale of a lost and directionless Louisville teen named Tara who spontaneously decides to steal her brother's band's van (and all the instruments) and hit the road with a clutch of her friends in tow who are equally as lackadaisical. Pennyless and on the road, they decide to call themselves TRUCKSTOP and start playing as a band to make money. Not knowing the first thing about their inherited musical instruments, they start off by being (thankfully) misinterpreted as an art rock band and slowly learn the tools of their new trade, still on the run from he older brother and the law. Featuring a cast made out of actual members from real bands including RUBY FALLS, RODAN, THE GRIFTERS, CRAIN and others, the film can't help but strike a genuine chord. (1996, 90min)
Still as good as the music is the cinematography and smart camera placement - together Hawley and Galinsky know how to make pictures shudder with feeling. -LA WEEKLY
It was very inspiring to see such an accurate portrayal of indie hipster life. I'm still dumfounded by its clarity and impressed anyone my age could make a film that good... -Kathy Malloy, SNIPEHUNT
It doesn't seem too bold to say HALF-COCKED is an EASY RIDER for the '90s and deserves as much attention. -ALTERNATIVE PRESS
Indie rock's cinematic event of the season -NEW YORK PRESS, Pick of the Week