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Welcome to the Blinding Light!! Cinema archive.

The Blinding Light!! Cinema existed as North America's only full time underground cinema, operating 6 nights a week for five years (1998-2003) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Founded by Alex MacKenzie as a follow-up to his Edison Electric Gallery of Moving Images (1995-1997), the space housed a cafe open 7 days a week, a gallery wall featuring rotating art exhibits, a zine & video rack and, of course, a 110-seat cinema. The pages you find here are an archive of this period in time. In them you will glimpse a small hint of the history of the space, some merchandise still available, and other surprises. If you would like to get in touch with Alex or anyone else involved in the cinema, please contact: alex mackenzie

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Alex MacKenzie

The Blinding Light!! Cinema had over 4000 members at any given time and served the equivalent of over 10 semi-trailers full of popcorn since starting up in 1998.

contact: alex mackenzie

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