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The Blinding Light!! SHOWS


Thursday August 1 8:30pm
In recognition of Prisoners' Justice Day
Joint Effort & The Blinding Light present

A mock prison experiment started on August 14, 1971, with college students playing both prisoners and prison guards. The participants, who had been selected because they were considered intelligent, normal, healthy, law-abiding citizens, began behaving sadistically if they were mock guards - or pathologically, if they were mock prisoners. The project was terminated after only six days because the situation had become so volatile that researchers felt that they no longer had control over the guards and the safety of their research subjects. Original archival footage and new film capture the essence of this transformation of human nature and the unexpected power of social situations. (50 mins Philip G. Zimbardo and Ken Musen)PLUS: AUGUST 10th August 10th is Prison Justice Day a day to remember all the men and women who have died from unnatural causes inside canadian prisons. Prisoners at Joyceville Penitentiary, Kingston, Ontario interview each other to explore what the day means to them, why all prisoners should recognize the day and why the public needs to voice their support for the rights of prisoners. TATTOO: ART BENEATH THE SKIN The correctional services of Canada has always viewed tattooing in prison as an illegal activity. It is a punishable offence to either give or to receive a tattoo while inside. This has made tattooing in prison a covert and costly activity, in terms of personal freedoms and the health risks involved. Prisoners and health care professionals question the reasoning behind the prison system's reluctance to set-up safe tattoo sites within each prison.
Joint Effort is a group of women who work from an abolitionist perspective and support women in prison. We commemorate important dates in the people's history with our ongoing film series co-sponsored by the Blinding Light!! Cinema.

Friday August 2 8:30pm

MIKE HOOLBOOM is easily the most prolific and committed fringe filmmaker in Canada if not the known universe - his films screen near-constantly around the world and his unflinching belief in the power of the fringe film to move us is expressed in his work, his books (PLAGUE YEARS, FRINGE FILM IN CANADA) and his writings for such respected magazines as the Millenium Film Journal. Don't miss this rare opportunity to meet Mike and see a hand-picked collection of his incredible films including a brand new short just completed here in Vancouver over the past few weeks. HIRO (10 mins 2002) is a found and original footage hybrid about a man who is obsessed with memories he never had - a tale of personal nuclear meltdown. Also on the bill: KANADA (45 mins 1993-1997) a never-before seen in Vancouver re-edit of Hoolboom's take on the Canadian identity crisis starring Vancouver heavyweights BABS CHULA and GABRIELLE ROSE, and featuring the astounding sound work of EARLE PEACH. "KANADA is a triumph - an aesthetically rigorous, highly personal effort that yet satisfies in all the important ways." (David Roche). PLUS: ESCAPE IN CANADA (9 mins 1993) Hoolboom subverts a '50s travelogue originally made to entice Americans to come enjoy "the splendours of the great lady to the north". SHOOTING BLANKS (8 mins 1996) a radical collaboration with local video alchemist SHAWN CHAPELLE opening with a meditation on silence, birth and the Canadian cinema, then exploding into a furious montage of acclaimed Hollywood action movies - the aims and means of an oppositional media practice versus the desires of the dream factory.

Saturday August 3 8:30pm

A night of live music and performance. Futuristic space rappers SPACE HUMP'N $19.99 meet the modern rock'n roll past with THE NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND CD RELEASE, & THE GAY, with variety treats and video delights. "Look'n so hot, feeling so good, everything is going my way".

Sunday August 4 8:30pm
The BOOKMOBILE project is a grassroots media initiative that is run by the BOOKMOBILE COLLECTIVE; a dedicated group of volunteers with headquarters based in Montreal, Canada and Philadelphia, USA. Members of the collective work together, rotating responsibilities throughout the year to plan the annual tour headed by three Tour Guides at a time who travel with the exhibition and give workshops and artist' talks. Don't miss this chance to check out the BOOKMOBILE PROJECT and their incredible AIRSTREAM TRAILER parked out front!

Tuesday - Thursday August 6/7/8 8:30pm
"Fearlessly disregarding cinema's generally hapless history of portmanteau films, this genuinely no-budget collaboration between members of EXPLODING CINEMA (UK) and FILMGRUPPE CHAOS (GERMANY) - 'the notorious no-bility of Underground Cinema' - takes a cleaver to the Comte de LautrĂˆamont's 1868 pre-surrealist anti-novel MALDOROR. Fifteen filmmakers were dispatched into the night with but a chapter of the book (a vile, nightmarish poetic paean to the author's Satanic alter-ego) and a Super 8 camera to their name; 12 have returned, and from the cauldron of their labors delivered forth this wild and bewildering affront to common civilized cinema... a disorienting trip into the head of a stark raving misanthrope." (TIME OUT) "A kaleidoscopic range of techniques is displayed here, often within the same segments; viewers are assaulted by an orgy of wonderfully disturbed claymation, blurs, stills, washes and loops. Similarly the tone of the pieces ranges from the malevolent to the downright daft...the constantly shifting tableaux of sounds and images ensure that everyone should find something here to enthral, disturb or revolt..." (FORTEAN TIMES)

Friday August 9 8:30pm

If you are going, then this will kick it into gear for you, if you aren't then indulge in these images as a close second. Featured tonight is the return of Paynie's now-classic BURN BABY BURN, "A love letter to Burning Man's art and orgies"(Christopher Null) "In the wild and wacky city known as Black Rock, dust storms, friendly fire, mass dancing and myriad homemade art come alive. This footage from last year's Burning Man was compiled and edited by Paynie in just 10 days, and he has a remarkable eye for bizarre detail. Far beyond just a chronicle of a bunch of drugged-out naked hippies in the desert, BURN BABY BURN truly captures the huge scope of the event - politically, visually and creatively." (Jan Richman, SF Gate)
PLUS the Canadian Premiere of BURNING MAN: JUST ADD COUCHES One year after Joe Winston made "The Burning Man Festival," the same crew returns to participate in the event that has exploded from a crowd of 4000 to well over 10 000. Seeking to create an average American living room in the harsh environment of the Black Rock Desert, they lug out couches, a tent, satellite TV, and a fridge full of cold beer. Not content to simply lounge, they also construct an untested invention called "The Minute of Fame Booth." JUST ADD COUCHES strips away all pretense and gets right down to the essence of what it's like to put on a desert freakshow.
SPECIAL TICKET PRICES IN EFFECT: $7 no costume, $5 with costume (Plus $3 membership at the door).

Saturday August 10 8:30pm

Come on down to celebrate the BL's fourth anniversary as we slide into year numero cinq with one of those big parties that spills out onto the street like. Featured tonight will be an incredible amalgam of local music makers doing their thing pared down and unplugged-style to an unpredictable backdrop of 16mm ephemera. It is a campfire feel with noodling and genius shaking hands - featured on this list of lists will be Mark Szabo (CAPOZZI PARK), Steve Wood (THE BATTLES), Josh Lindstrom, Tim Loewen & Jaret Penner (PRECIOUS FATHERS), Clare Kenny & Louise Thornton (THE EYELICKERS), Elisa Rose, Shane Ehman, and other surprise guests. Also featured: the genuine and rocking vinyl collections of KIER-LA JANISSE and SCOTT GUBBELS who will grace us with their DJ talents and rare records. Raffle prizes, drinks and moving visual entertainment will be at a premium. NOTE: Life-changing relationships and sexual unions have begun at these events in the past, so don't miss out. You never know when your day will come. (We are so poor! Special fundraiser prices in effect: $7 + membership if you haven't got it)

David Yonge presents
8:30pm EDWARD SCISSORHANDS (Starring Johnny Depp)

Once upon a time in a castle high on a hill lived an inventor whose greatest creation was named Edward. The inventor's sudden death left him unfinished, with sharp shears of metal for hands. A kind of Avon lady took him home to live with her family which began Edward's fantastic adventures in a pastel paradise known as Suburbia. His story will touch you but he can't.
10:30pm EDWARD PENISHANDS (Starring Sikki Nixx)
His story will touch you even though you won't want HIM to. This highly entertaining and hilarious parody is surprisingly well done for a porno. Instead of Scissors, Edward has Penis hands with a mind of their own. An impressed door-to-door salesperson brings Edward home to erotic adventures in Sexual Suburbia. Make-up, props and storyline pay tribute to the original including a Winona Ryder look-alike. This story has a happy ending.

Tuesday August 13 8:30pm
Another round of strange and wondrous flicks from our private archive of 16mm celluloid. We provide a list on your way in and you pick the films you want to see based on title alone. Covering subjects like dental hygiene, psychological abnormalities, police training, sex education and soccer techniques, there is bound to be something in there you'll want to sink your eyes into. Each film is around 10 minutes so expect to see around 10 or so. And hey - if it's really bad, the projectionist reserves the right to cut to the next film! The earlier you arrive, the more likely your picks will be picked.... Free film cores at the door while they last! (What's a film core you ask? Come and find out.)

Wednesday August 14 8:30pm

A countdown to tomorrow with the Eye of Newt! Come on down for this once in a lifetime road map to human destiny - a quest for the infinite. Kubrick's 2001 is his masterwork, unparalleled in cinematic history to this day. Let HAL opens the pod bay doors for you while the awe and mystery of a journey unlike any other begins...

Thursday August 15 7:30pm
Spartacus Books presents

Using the computer as a metaphor for the machine-like existence of modern industrial society, this made for BBC 4 documentary brings a fresh relevance to today's post September 11 world. Narrator Anthony Sprung travels down the U.S. west coast interviewing computer programmers, engineers, hackers and activists to learn more about the "machine" from both within its culture and outside of it. Sparked by the story of the Unabomber, the journey begins in Eugene, Oregon and ends up in the jungles of Chiapas, where the Zapatistas use the internet as a tool for social activism. "An extraordinary road movie...brilliant images, great lines and wonderful characters...Hard Drive is a primer to grass roots politics on the Net and life in the computer industry in general." — The Guardian (UK) (Dir. David Fox and Christopher Walker, 52 mins 1997)
A talk by anarchist philosopher JOHN ZERZAN (who appears in the film) immediately follows. Please note special start time of 7:30pm.

Friday August 16 8:30pm
Powell Peralta's 1987 classic SEARCH FOR ANIMAL CHIN is perhaps one of the most legendary well known skate video's ever made. SEARCH FOR ANIMAL CHIN features the bones brigade (Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill) skating high and low for the legendary 72 year old skater animal chin... Skate sessions at Wallow's, back yard ramp sessions, street skating in San Fran to slam dancing with Jonny rad at the pink motel, to the famous chin ramp...80's skater dress code in effect... The screening will be followed by a live set courtesy of STREETS!

Saturday August 17 8:30pm

Don't miss out on the strange and highly specific world of BRIAN KONEFSKY. Brian has been making intelligent, deadpan and very funny personal films for over a decade (he actually made a cave-man biopic in 1968 too). With subjects ranging from Green Grocer anxiety and corduroy to foreskins and adaption survival techniques, Bryan's work smartly addresses a lot of the big questions in contemporary art making and life in general while managing to inject a sense of humour that is unpretentious, refreshing and a huge relief from the onslaught of work that tries way too hard. Films he will be bringing with him include SKUNK CABBAGE, HUSKY, ITS THE FLAVOR THAT MAKES IT TASTE GOOD, GATE OF MERCY, DOWN ON A RAMP, HOMO SAPIEN, WHAT WILL I DO?, BRIDGEPORT: THE CITY AT THE END OF MY WORLD, and his latest work, AMSTERDAM DIARY. Bryan teaches film and video at the University of New Mexico and also sits on the Boards of Basement Films and AC2 (a non-profit exhibition space).

Sunday August 18 8:30pm

This is it - the long-banned underground classic from the director of POISON, SAFE AND VELVET GOLDMINE. Todd Hayne's SUPERSTAR chronicles Karen Carpenter's rise to stardom and untimely death from a heart attack due to anorexia and bulimia. Using Barbie dolls as characters, Karen's face is sanded and puttied to portray her weight loss, while faces of family members are similarly distorted to visualize the sinister family structure playing into Karen's illness. Haynes juxtaposes this American dream gone wrong with the bubble gum soundtrack of the Carpenter's pop music. While this sing-along audio resonates in the viewer's mind, it ultimately led to litigation by the Carpenter family, preventing this film from ever being released. Using the life of a popular icon to discuss a multitude of issues (the problem of star making in the United States, the political context of artistic endeavors, the family as a structure of tyranny, and the complexity of internalization from the female who is acting out) SUPERSTAR manages to be heart wrenching, touching and funny. The film will be preceded by early commercials from the sixties and seventies for Mattel's Barbie doll...

Tuesday & Wednesday August 20/21 8:30pm

We are very pleased to have Ian Toews in person to present some of his works as well as an informal evening of discussion and screenings of the Japanese avant-garde.

Independent filmmaker IAN TOEWS has spent a significant amount of time in Japan studying its Avant-Garde film history and culture. Tonight he will be screening several works from this oeuvre, discussing sources of tradition and circumstance, with a focus on the formal and technical processes involved: historical, economic and environmental conditions that impact on the look and style of the Japanese Avante-Garde. This will, of course, be peppered with many personal anecdotes. Join us for an exploration of this largely invisible, outrageous and baffling underground national cinema. Films to be screened include works by Hosoe Eiko, Takashi Ito, Okayama Junichi, Kenji Onishi, Yuki Saito and works by famed makers Taka Imura and Shuji Terayama. Sake on the house while it lasts! (NOTE: films presented in video projection)

Working alternately in Finland, Japan, and his home Canada, Ian Toews not surprisingly makes films about places. While explicity about landscapes, these films are often implicitly political. Toews' work is simultaneously driven by conceptual, aesthetic and temporal concerns - all incredibly specific in their content but speaking to far-reaching issues around geography, the environment, and culturally determined codes of social interaction with public space. His work is regularly screened at festivals, museums, galleries, and cinemas around the world. He is perhaps best known for FOUR CORNERS, the Grand Prix winning film at 2000 Tampere International Film Festival (which also screened at the Vancouver Underground Film Festival a few years back). Presented will be recent work by Toews, all on 16mm, with a few works in progress and some surprise Super 8s. Among the works to screen will be WINDOW (4mins 1998), FOUR CORNERS (6 mins 1998) DRIVE: AUTOMATIC/STANDARD (10 mins 2000), JAPAN: KESEI LINE SINGLE TAKE (from the series "Japan") (5 mins 2001) and others.

Thursday August 22 8:30pm
Tonight is the night - bring that film down! Found footage, old home movies, student projects, recent masterworks, and self-aware nods to the night itself (we like those). Here is your monthly opportunity to screen it to the public, and a generous lot they are, so be unafraid! We accept works under 10 minutes on DVD, VHS, Super 8 and 16mm. Deal at the door if you're carrying!

Friday August 23 8:30pm

NOTE: THIS SHOW CANCELLED DUE TO SHIPPING PROBLEMS, AND WILL BE SCREENED IN THE FUTURE. IN ITS PLACE WE BRING YOU THE ORIGINAL FILM THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, (Robert Wise, 1971, 1 hr 42 min, projected video) same time same place. Original show description follows:
With STRAIN ANDROMEDA THE, American film and video artist Anne McGuire has created an awesome and spellbinding film that throws everything from story structure to character motivation into question. Put simply, McGuire has taken the entire 1971 Robert Wise-directed THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN (based on the novel by Michael Crichton) and re-edited it shot by shot precisely in reverse, so that the last shot appears first and the first last, though nothing is actually running backwards. As the film unfolds (or reverts?), more and more information about how our characters and their surroundings came about is revealed to us. While initially confusing, the film quickly takes on an ominous and mesmerizing quality that defies description. The original film plot is one filled with tension in a "race against time" which only adds to this effect. "It develops its own wonderfully absurd and perplexing level of suspense." (Chicago Filmmakers) "...every action is followed by its stimulus, every comment by its query, you find yourself in a dizzying spin, grasping desperately for causal certainty, yet firmly held by the reversibility of suspense." (Steve Seid) STRAIN ANDROMEDA THE can only be experienced to be understood. And if you have never seen the original film, all the better. Above all, don't arrive late or you'll miss the...end.

Saturday August 24 8:30pm

After an extended hiatus away from the glitter and glow of the stage and months spent in their custom hand-built practice space, Vancouver's greatest instrumental post-rockers return with a brand new set list and a newfound desire to play it for all for you. Featuring the core crew plus possible guests, expect to be in awe as it all washes over you. PLUS: Special opening act THE EYELICKERS, Vancouver's premiere mock neo post simply defy description, really, just check 'em out - and they like April Wine!

Sunday August 25 8:30pm

This is one of those "so bad it's good" movies that escape the trappings of standard film criticism. It's got DEVO in it for chrissakes - what else do we need to say? "Working under the nom de plume Bernard Shakey, Young conceived, starred in, and directed this gleefully incomprehensible mess of a feature film...the make-it-up- as-we-go-along script has something to do with a diner, a nuclear power plant, and a geeky mechanic (Young) who dreams of being a rock star. The exquisite B-movie cast - Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell, Sally Kirkland, and Russ (Twin Peaks) Tamblyn - seems to be enjoying itself immensely, especially musical troublemakers Devo, who pop up throughout as a sort of radioactive Greek chorus, and whose 10-minute version of Hey Hey, My My has to be heard - and seen - to be believed. A must for fans of Young in particular and defiantly bad movies in general. (John Sakamoto) Though the visual style has been compared to Coppola's "One From the Heart," it might be more aptly described as "The Wizard of Oz" on acid. Cameos by Young's wife Pegi (as a motorcyle mama) and folksinger David Blue (as a milkman)! (83 mins 1982)

Tuesday August 27 8:30pm
Back in the golden years of the National Film Board two of Canada's greatest film artists had the luxury of creating their very personal and often subversive works through this institution of Canadian cinema. ARTHUR LIPSETT has of late been receiving a tremendous amount of renewed interest (including a retrospective at the New York Film Festival last year), as more and more filmmakers address similar issues and tactics which he so masterfully addressed years ago: alienation, political subversion, and the intelligent and sophisticated use of found footage. His works have been hailed as masterpieces of the cut and paste collagist model and stand as cutting indictments of modern mass culture. In the mid- to late sixties Lipsett's works were consistent award winners at both the small, respected experimental festivals (Ann Arbour, MI) and the bigger ones (VERY NICE, VERY NICE was nominated for an Oscar!). And yet he died in the late '80s in relative obscurity. NORMAN MCLAREN spent over fifty years of his life working out of the NFB to create a whole new breed of animation in Canada - cameraless films painted directly onto film. He also stands as the master of hand-painted sound on film, a meticulous task which required extremely complex indexing of optical sound "forms" and a very steady hand. And yet his films are rarely screened and he too seems to be fading from the public mind's memory. In this program we will be presenting several short works by Lipsett including 2187, VERY NICE, VERY NICE, and FREEFALL, as well as his longer masterwork FLUXUS. As well, McLaren's classic SYNCHROMY, his op art-like MOSAIC, the stunning and complex Oscar Petersen-scored BEGONE DULL CARE and more. Don't miss this rare chance to experience the works of two masters of the cinematic art!

Wednesday August 28 8:30pm

THE EYE OF NEWT return with this magical and evocative musical accompaniment to one of the great silent films. MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA is the Russian City Symphony masterpiece from the influential cameraman and Kino Eye founder, Dziga Vertov. Featuring unparalleled camera techniques and editing pyrotechnics, Vertov's 1929 classic presents a dazzling and mind-expanding view of Moscow the City at an extremely memorable time of artistic and radical experimentation. Kaleidoscopic camera effects, architectural abstractions, and rapid-fire montage elevate this dazzling film to moving sculpture and abstract historical record. Don't miss out!

Thursday August 29 8:30pm

What happens if you let 1000 people manifest their dreams about a free society right in the middle of a modern metropolis? You get Christiania - the western world's longest existing free society, outside normal law and order. This film takes a look at Christiania and some of the people living there, giving an idea of what it's like to be there, the good and bad sides of life in Christiania, and tries to answer the questions "why?" and "how?" Exploring the history and life of a free city in the centre of Copenhagen, this is a warm film about a hot topic: Is a free society possible today? See for yourself. (Dir Nils Vest, 1991 Denmark)
PLUS: SAFE HAVEN, THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD DURING THE VIETNAM WAR Thousands of U.S. citizens fled to Canada during the Vietnam War draft. They were helped along the way by an underground railroad made up of people from all walks of life. United by their convictions about the unjust nature of the war, Canadians and Americans worked within and outside of the law to provide an escape from the draft (Dir Michael Sider)

Friday & Saturday Aug 30/31 8:30pm

BILL TAYLOR, stalwart BL volunteer and curator at large (remember that insane I SOLD MY SOUL ON EBAY program? That was him!) presents a truly astounding and rare collection of oddities from a long history of anti-gay educational films first presented in classes and on television. This program was assembled for Lesbisch-Schwule Filmtage in Hamburg, but premieres here first! Featured tonight are RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT, and ultra scary kids film using cheap and startling special effects to prove that sleazy pervos are lurking everywhere from empty lots to matinees of Mary Poppins! In SOAPY THE GERM FIGHTER Young Billy is adament that using soap causes 'sissiness', until one night Billy is woken up by a giant talking bar of soap (with frilly sleeves!) to set Billy 'straight'. PERVERSION FOR PROFIT This incredibly rare film,with George Putnam ("Outstanding News Reporter") who blames everything from Lesbianism to S & M on - that's right - 'The Communist Masters Of Deceit'. THE REPORT: THE GAY AGENDA is a classic piece of early 90's hate propoganda which trots out scientists, pseudo-doctors spewing out percentages on how many homosexuals like anal sex, and our favorite, ex-gay ministry spokespeople to provide a very warped and skewed universe. This tape was used my religious organizations to warn everybody from small town folk, The US Capitol, to the US Marines to prove the evil goings-on of homosexuals.



Sunday September 1 8:30pm

Honourable Mention, Slamdance 2002
"Campy, exotic and unfettered. It manages to take the spirit of low-budget gusto to the extreme." -Slamdance Film Festival
From Lee Demarbre comes this tale of the ultimate action hero: JESUS CHRIST! The second coming is upon us, and Jesus has returned to earth. But before he can get down to the serious business of judging the living and the dead, he has to contend with an army of vampires that can walk in the daylight. Combining Kung-Fu action with biblical prophecy and a liberal dose of humour, the film teams the Saviour with Mexican wrestling hero EL SANTOS against mythological horrors and science gone mad, while also managing to address contemporary sexual politics. And did we mention that it's a musical? Featuring an original score by Graham Collins and new music by LUCKY RON, DR. BRUCE MURPHY, JOHNNY VEGAS, FURNACEFACE, and THE HAMMERHEADS. (16mm 85 min 2001)

Tuesday & Wednesday Sept 3/4 8:30pm

With the huge resurgence in the tactile potential inherent in the celluloid medium - a European boon in hand-made films as well as a growing list of heavy-hitters in the realm of expanded/performative and hand-processed cinema - we are pleased to present this rare screening of an early work by the unchallenged master of hand-manipulated emulsion , CARL BROWN with soud design by CCMC, the Michael Snow free improv group. Don't miss this rare chance to see philosophy and psychedelia fornicate to bear this variegated and stunning work of art. "In CONDENSATION OF SENSATION the filmmaker has applied himself to the surface of the film, soaking its small strips in dye baths to produce a hallucinatory pallette. Passed through successive generations of printing, painting, sabattier, reticulation, gluing and toning—the film provides a kind of encyclopedia for hand processing techniques...a materialist travelogue that documents the process of perception itself. An intermittent montage of 60's commercials punctuates the wanderings of its protagonist - a blank faced boy wander who struggles through a garden of unearthly delights before lighting on the water's edge..." (Mike Hoolboom)
"Once in a while, a vision comes/a moving painting, an extension of the eye that sees... /the body that feels/wide awake from what might have been/the actuality of REM, a rollercoaster of emotions/Walking through a life of words association/with images, mass production of ideas/no connection with sensation, just an unnatural conversion/of feeling/a loss of identity a sense of self through words/In these frames are the essence of my sensation/carefully nurtured and felt over and over again/out of these frames/these frames and you/These sensations are what are common between us/take them with you/use them when you like/Tell me a riddle." (Carl Brown) (73 mins 1987)

Thursday September 5 8:30pm

This video documents the tenacious long-term occupation of an urban apartment block by anarchist communities in early '90s Berlin. The video spectacularly records escalating incendiary battles to defend the increasingly barricaded commune against repeat attacks by neo-nazi gangs and paramilitary police. A stroke of radical history written in tele-video by the participants themselves, these images incite joy and rage for the intense struggles of those asserting their right to live by their own terms in every attempt to resist the ultimately overwhelming fascisms of the late-modern metropolis.

Friday September 6

Swing by the Blinding Light!! Cinema any time tonight as we transform into a venue for SWARM, Vancouver's citywide evening walkabout of artist-run centers. Featured here tonight are PRIVATE MOMENTS IN PUBLIC SPACES by LAURA MADERA. A blacked-out station wagon parked outside the BL becomes the first mobile drive-in cinema. Viewers will be seated in the vehicle as the windshield becomes the make-shift silver screen... Also, check out COLOUR by DAVID YONGE. Using the black box of the cinema, Yonge uses projected colours to swell and build while drones compose the soundtrack. Assigning specific tones to different colours, audience members will engage with the sounds and colors as they build from nothing into a discomforting peak.
NOTE: Special drinks on sale to quench your thirst on this marathon of art.

Saturday & Sunday September 7/8 8:30pm
Turning 35 this year, the CFMDC (Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre) houses the largest collection of independent films in all of Canada, and is the largest library of Independent Canadian works in the world. A truly rare and major event, this body of work from their collection is a mind-blowing and expansive retrospective of both widely screened as well as nearly unknown gems culled from their massive catalogue. Don't miss these screenings over the next two weeks, featuring special in-person appearances by local filmmakers featured in the programs. NOTE: Special catalogues for these screenings will be available FREE on a first-come first served basis.

This program explores the limits of narrative in cinema, encompassing stories told in animation, using pastiches of established cinema styles constructed from found footage, documented from real life, or woven together as a complex web rather than a straight line. A real stunner, this program features classics of the form from the likes of JACK CHAMBERS and MICHAEL SNOW, as well as local hero MINA SHUM, Oscar winning animator WENDY TILBY and plenty more! Films to be screened include MOSAIC (Jack Chambers 9 mins 1964), TABLES OF CONTENTS (Wendy Tilby 7:30 mins 1986), MOTHERS OF ME (Alexandra Grimanis 15 mins 1999), REVEILLE (Francine Leger 5 mins 1988), ME, MOM AND MONA (Mina Shum 20 mins 1993),A TO Z (Michael Snow 7 mins 1956), ONCE Ellen Flanders 12 mins 2001)
Each of these films makes particularly careful use of the film frame as a compositional and structuring tool, emphasizing framing and duration over montage. Featuring gorgeous and moving shorts from local luminaries DAVID RIMMER and RICHARD REEVES as well as rarely screened works by CARL BROWN, DAWN WILKINSON, JOYCE WIELAND and many others. Films to be screened: CANADIAN PACIFIC (David Rimmer 9 mins 1974), SHEEP Carl Brown (7 mins 1991), DESERT VEILS (Louise Lebeau 14 mins 1992), HANDTINTING (Joyce Weiland 5:30 minutes 1967), NOCTURNE (Michael Crochetiere 6 mins 1996), LINEAR DREAMS (Richard Reeves 7 mins 1997), TRACES Christina Zeidler 12 mins 2001), DANDELIONS Dawn Wilkinson (6 mins 1995)

Tuesday September 10 8:30pm

There are a huge number of amateur and professional filmmakers out there who are sitting on their 9/11 footage right now, wondering what to do with it. Here is your chance to bring us your perspective, a year later, on the entire sordid mess. We accept DVDs, VHS, 16mm and Super 8! Please keep it under 10 minutes so everyone has a chance and we aren't here all night - only $3 to get in if you're carrying (plus membership).

Wednesday September 11 8:30pm

Is the USA really the Evil Empire? Is Osama Bin Laden really Obi Wan Kenobi? Is John Walker Lynd really Luke Skywalker? And who are we to play in this massive epoc? Jawas? Nerf herders? Paul Kincaid Jamieson, best known for his four years of PAUL'S PATIO videos, has had to endure failed love, economic ruin, and even Wayne Cox. Now he is enduring freedom, and he's mad as hell. In this programme Paul Kincaid will examine the seven signs of USA evil. He will probe into the soft underbelly of the Illuminati. He will tickle the ears of the Masonic order of the Knights Templar. And in a great coup he will explain once and for all the true pronunciation of David Icke. Is it Ike? Ickee? Or just Ich? America's foreign policy is obvious and clear: Love us or Die. Thank God that at least for now, we still have freedom of choice. And that is why during the engagement of this programme both Coca-Cola and Pepsi products will be available for sale in the lobby of this theatre.
"It is the duty of a patriot to defend his country against its government" - A famous American.
"I started my VCR on 7/11 and left it run. I got over two hundred hours of video news. It makes for tedious viewing. But you have to draw your own conclusions." - Paul Kincaid Jamieson

Thursday September 12 8:30pm

From a lecture at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, March 5th, 1996
Noam Chomsky's spoke in Vancouver just after Newt Gingrich's infamous "Contact With America". In this talk, Chomsky dissects the politics of deceit and propaganda construction with his familiar razor-sharp analysis and wit. Extremely relevant at this time in Canada, the tactics used to spin and sell the "Contact With America" have been a blueprint for the assaults of B.C.'s "New Era" and Ontario's "Common Sense Revolution". Both provincial political regimes consulted the same American Public Relations company which created the "Contact With America" and the framework for further privatization of public services for the profit of the corporate economy. Valuable insight for the on-going fight against neo-liberal policies in B.C.and beyond. (120 minutes, video of lecture followed by Q&A.)

Friday September 13 8:30pm
Between September 9th and 13th in 1971 forty-three citizens of New York State died at Attica Correctional Facility. Thirty-nine of that number were killed and more than 80 others were wounded by gunfire from State Police during the retaking of the prison on September 13. With the exception of Indian massacres in the late 19th century, the State Police assault which ended the four-day prison uprising was the bloodiest one-day encounter between Americans since the civil war. The fact that a major prison uprising happened first at Attica was probably chance, it could have just as easily happened at any prison in America. Like most prisons in America, Attica was becoming increasing populated with a new kind of prisoner; the prison population was largely young, Black, Hispanic and political, the new prisoner was shaped by the same experiences, expectations and frustrations that culminated in eruptions in Watts, Detroit, Newark and other American cities. The militancy of the black liberation movement had touched him. Names like Malcolm X, George Jackson, Eldridge Cleaver, Angela Davis had special meaning to these prisoners. Attica was not the first prison uprising nor would it be the last... Attica is every prison; and every prison is Attica.
Joint Effort is a group of women who work from an abolitionist perspective and support women in prison. We commemorate important dates in the people's history with our ongoing film series co-sponsored by the Blinding Light Cinema.

Saturday & Sunday September 14/15 8:30pm

The body has always been a primary photographic subject, and filmmakers have often used the shape of a film as a metaphor for the shape of a life. These films engage with themes of mortality and memory, loss and desire. Featuring works by the three "Mikes", heavy hitters all - MIKE HOOLBOOM, MIKE CARTMELL and MICHAEL CAINES - as well as astounding works by Susan Oxtoby, Helen Lee and others. Films featured include: IN THE FORM OF THE LETTER X (Mike Cartmell 5.5 mins 1985), METAMORPHOSIS (Barry Greenwald 10.5 mins 1975), ALL FLESH IS GRASS (Susan Oxtoby 15 mins 1988), SALLY'S BEAUTY SPOT (Helen Lee 12 mins 1990), TWO FORMS (Shanti Thankur 4 mins 1998), CARNIVAL 1,2,3 (Mike Hoolboom 12 mins 1996), SYMPTOMATIC (Michael Caines 5 mins 1998)

Filmmakers have invented an infinite number of devices for complicating the reception of a film and undermining traditional conceptions of unity and composition. Using fragmentation of the frame, irony, bricolage, direct address, and exaggerated pathos, these filmmakers confront the viewer with images whose status is never stable. Featuring works by BL favourites SARAH ABBOTT, BARBARA STERNBERG and ROBERT KENNEDY as well as BL premieres of films by JANINE FUNG, STEVEN WOLOSHEN and many others. Films include ALL THE GREAT OPERAS IN 10 MIN. (Kim Thompson 10 mins 1992), LEFTOVERS (Janine Fung 8 mins 1994), MOTHER MARILYN (James MacSwain 8:40 mins 1997), GRACE ETERNAL (Neil Burns 9 mins 1997), THE LIGHT IN OUR LIZARD BELLIES (Sarah Abbott 8 mins 1998), DINKY MENACE (Robert Kennedy 7 mins 2001), THE BABBLE ON PALMS (Steven Woloshen 4 mins 2002), OPUS 40 (Barbara Sternberg 15 mins 1979)

Tuesday - September 17-22 8:30pm nightly

"Anyone who believes that folks from the northland are reserved or
conventional should see Shirka Urechko..." -The Chicago Reader

"a brave new hybrid of performance styles..." -Georgia Straight
Shirka Urechko, creator of Moth and pineappleheartofgoldpeacocks, returns from the belle ville (Montreal) to bring you multi-dimensional body language, full-screen visuals, original found-soundscapes and special guest, Braden Jones (The Narcoleptic Videographer). Burlesque meets breakdance in wetdreamland, insect-style. An evening of beyond-modern dance you won't soon forget.

Shirka Urechko is an independent dancer, choreographer, visuals artist and found-sound composer currently residing in Montreal. She has trained with the
Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Contemporary Dancers, Main Dance Projects and Vancouver's Kokoro Dance. At age 28, she has created over 10 original works as well as full-scale multi-media productions including Penumbra, Moth and pineappleheartofgoldpeacocks.

Tuesday & Wednesday September 24/25 8:30pm

In the US, Wal-Mart opens a new mega-store every two business days. This is the story of the impact of discount chain stores on American towns and cities, and on our society as a whole. STORE WARS follows events in Ashland, VA, over a one-year period, from the first stormy public hearing that galvanizes residents' opposition till the Town Council takes a final vote on the proposed Wal-Mart store. Arguments for the store (tax revenues, low prices, jobs) and against it (destroys small town character, traffic, low-end jobs) are articulated and hotly debated. The cast of characters includes the mayor and Town Council members who will eventually make the decision, Wal-Mart representatives and the "Pink Flamingos", the grassroots citizen group opposed to the store. And while STORE WARS does not single out Wal-Mart, it does highlight its position as the icon of the Big Box industry. (Dir Micha X. Peled 60 mins 2001)



September 26-October 11
Watch for special intimate screenings, director's talks, CINEWORKS' free panel discussions, late night parties and more as we transform into an official venue for the Vancouver International Film Festival. Call the festival at 685-0260 for more information as the festival approaches, or pick up the festival guide and check out their website at Call Cineworks at 685-3841 or check online at for information on their panel discussions featured daytimes at the Blinding Light during this time.

Saturday October 12 8:30pm

From Deep Blue Funk Films, the folks that brought Radiohead vs The Matrix and Dark Side of the Rainbow comes the next round of alchemical experiments with film and music - an evening of synchronizations to tantalize and amaze you! This time around it's the short films that are given the synch treatment. Watch Mickey fantasia trip to the sounds of Hendrix and laugh as Michael Jackson Thriller dances to Queen. Also making appearances are DJ Shadow, Bjork and Beck among many others. The headline show is the ultimate trip of 2001's final odyssey to the meddle of Pink Floyd's Echoes. Come with an open mind and be prepared for the trip!

Sunday to Thursday October 13-17 8:30pm (no show Monday)
"I came to this world black, naked and ugly. And no matter how much I accumulate here, it's a short journey. I will go out of this world black, naked and ugly. So I enjoy life. And I like to see when people are happy...and if I can, since I am in this business, I like to make them laugh." - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - easily one of the most legendary figures of contemporary music - was a huge influence to artists of all stripes - blues, jazz, rock n'roll, film and beyond. His performances were so highly provocative that even today they are considered well ahead of their time. His classic "I Put A Spell On You" was covered innumerable times and many tried to imitate his extravagant appearance on screen and at live shows. After its success he took to wearing zebra skin capes, rubber snakes, and props like the cigarette-smoking skull that he used to call henry. He recorded such gems as "Constipation Blues", written on toilet paper in a hospital after an ex girlfriend cozied up to him with a butcher's knife. The circumstance around the making of this doc were unpredictable at best - after playing a live show in Greece (the filmmaker's home), Hawkins died very suddenly. Very shortly before his death though, he had a chance to confess to the camera and tell his story. His numerous friends and collaborators, themselves highly influential artists - JIM JARMUSCH, BO DIDDLEY, ERIC BURDON, DIAMANDA GALAS to name a few - weigh in on Screamin' Jay and his unforgettable impact along the way... (Dir Nicholas Triandafyllidis 100 mins 2002)

Friday October 18 8:30pm

Join us for this evening of beautiful and subtle instrumental magic with THE SPARROW, featuring JASON ZUMPANO on piano, NYLA RANEY on cello, and ROBIN JACOB on violin. Accompanying the trio will be a 16mm collection of shorts on the pain of loss, the triumph over awkwardness and a self-riding tricycle... PLUS: THE SECRET THREE open as guests with a journey of the great outdoors...

Saturday October 19 8:30pm

Al Razutis is one of the most influential and committed avant-garde filmmakers of his generation, with a body of work that has had reverberating effects on the shape of underground film everywhere. We are thrilled to have Al Razutis here in person to present this extremely rare presentation of his truly astounding masterwork AMERIKA. Created over a period of eleven years and built of 18 distinct segments, AMERIKA addresses issues around the avant-garde, censorship, film-theory, art/film culture and beyond. "...Draws from existing stock footage archives, the iconography and `memory bank' of a media excessive culture, to locate its `subject.' The techniques employed in rendering the various fragments vary from video-synthesis, optical matte effects, audio-synthesis,time-lapse cinematography, to more conventional 16 mm forms of representation." (A.R.) NOTE: This is only the second time ever in North America that this film will be presented in this 3-screen format featuring a live audio mix and Razutis himself to introduce the work. (65 mins 1972-83)

Sunday October 20 8:30pm
It's alien-spotting season in Roswell, so let's have a look at two perspectives on the whole ET phenomenon. HIGH STRANGE NEW MEXICO explores the resurgent fascination with UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena since "X-Files" hit the screen - it has given birth to a major industry of merchandising, publishing and of course TV and film production. Starting from the premise that New Mexico holds a unique place in the annals of UFO history, journalist Anthony DellaFlora and filmmaker James Lujan delve into the state's treasure trove of flying saucer lore, from centuries-old Native American myths and beliefs up through the present-day preoccupation with the Roswell Incident, government conspiracy theories, and the search for spiritual meaning in the skies. Along the way, they introduce viewers to a subculture populated by obsessed enthusiasts, skeptics, cattle mutilation investigators, academics, abductees and just plain folks whose lives have been changed by their belief that they've had contact with extraterrestrials. Folklore, 21st century neuroses and commercial imperatives collide to create a truly unique culture. HIGH STRANGE NEW MEXICO presents this culture, its conflicts and its spirit through a smart and honest pop-cultural eye. PLUS: BL fave Bill Brown's award-winning first effort ROSWELL, a playful study of the trash culture that that results when aliens land in your neighborhood.

Tuesday & Wednesday October 22/23 8:30pm

With the recent publication of STAN BRAKHAGE: CORRESPONDENCES by the CHICAGO REVIEW and the significant enhancement of web resources on Brakhage and his works by the likes of Fred Camper, Stan Brakhage's visibility as the most influential and highly regarded - to say nothing of tireless and prolific - avant-garde filmmaker of all time is truly at an all time high. Rumours of his move to Victoria (where his wife is from) are still unconfirmed, but we thought it appropriate to present his three films dubbed the "Vancouver Island series" over these two night - considered by many to be some of his finest and most emotionally resonant works to date. Don't miss this once in lifetime opportunity, as these films are very expensive to bring in and likely won't ever be screened again in this formation.
TUESDAY: A CHILD'S GARDEN AND THE SERIOUS SEA Last seen in Vancouver at the Edison Electric, we are thrilled to bring this tremendous epic of nature back for the first time in 6 years. In Brakhage's words: "...I caught the hairs of side-light off ephemera of objects tangent to Marilyn's childhood: She grew up in Victoria; and there I was in her childhood backyard ...": and then there was The Sea — not as counter-balance but as hidden generator of it all, of The World to be discovered by the/any child ... as poet Charles Olson has it: "Vast earth rejoices,/ deep-swirling Okeanos steers all things through all things,/ everything issues from the one, the soul is led from drunkenness/to dryness, the sleeper lights up from the dead,/ the man awake lights up from the sleeping." (Maximus, from "Dogtown - I") (1991 80 mins silent)
"begins with a series of horizontally running ocean tide waves, sometimes with mountains in the background, hand-painted patterns, sometimes step-printed hand-painting, abstractions composed of distorted (jammed) T.V. shapes in shades of blue with occasional red, refractions of light within the camera lens, sometimes mixed with reflections of water - this "weave" of imagery occasionally revealing recognizable shapes of birds and humans, humans as fleeting figures in the water, as distant shapes in a rowboat, as human shadows... the film ends on soft-focus horizon lines, foregrounded by ocean, slowly rising and falling and rising again in the frame." (S.B.) (30 mins 1994 silent)
THE GOD OF DAY HAD GONE DOWN UPON HIM "This film of single-strand photography begins with the "fire" of reflective light on water and on the barest inference of a ship. Throughout, the interwoven play of light and water tell the inferred "tale" of the film through rhythm and tempo, through visible textures and forms in gradual evolution, through resultant "moods" generated by these modes of making, and then, by the increasingly distant boat images, birds, animals, fleeting silhouettes of people and their artifacts, flotsam and jetsam of the sea-dead, as well as (near end, and almost as at a funeral) flowers in bloom, swallowed by darkness midst the crumbling of the sand castles." (S.B.) (50 mins 2000)

Thursday October 24 8:30pm
It's time to screen your stuff - bring us your October Films! October Revolution, October Skies, The Lessons of October, October Ferry to Gabriola...bring them all! We like DVD, 16mm, Super 8 and VHS, and we like it under 10 minutes. Get a break at the door if you bring something to screen...

Friday - Sunday October 25-27 8:30pm nightly

Fresh from its appearance at the Sundance Film Festival, BC BODYSLAMS makes its Canadian theatrical debut at the Blinding Light! The film documents one summer in the lives of Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling stars Moondog Manson, Barbara Republic and Gorgeous Michelle Starr. ECCW wrestler and filmmaker Dirty Dan Denton followed his fellow grapplers on tour as they entertained crowds around the province. The film goes beyond the bodyslams and takes a real look at the lives of the men and women who grunt and groan for a living, dealing with the personal issues that drive them in a seemingly insane business. San Francisco's INCREDIBLY STRANGE WRESTLING promotion is a renegade group operating far outside of wrestling's mainstream. With wrestlers such as El Homo Loco, Ku Klux Klown, the Oi Boy, Poontangler, Mextacy and Jesus Cross, you know these guys are up to something... incredibly strange. A RING-A-DING-DONG DANDY! is a grab-bag collection of bizarre, gorey, and hypersexual wrestling clips, including mud wrestling, Japanese death matches, lucha libre, Mexican wrestling films, Homoerotic Mexican Grab-Ass Wrestling, Andy Kaufman, Gorgeous George, bad wrestling gimmicks, Super 8 footage of live matches, backyard wrestling, chair wrestling, music videos and more!

Tuesday October 29 8:30pm
Boys and Girls is the third in a series of screenings curated by KIM DAWN and
SCOTT RUSSELL. The title is intended as a point of departure and as such has inspired a wide range of musings on such themes as play, gender, crushes, sexuality, adolescence, and shame. Contributing artists include: Meesoo Lee, Colleen Collins, Kevin Hampson, Goody b. Wiseman, Jeremy Drummond, Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby, and Kim Dawn. Some artists in attendance!

Wednesday October 30 7:30pm

Back for a fourth glorious year, this program offers Canadian filmmakers a second chance at local cinematic fame and fortune. Based on the historical tradition of the "Salon des Refuses," this Cineworks presentation showcases an uncurated selection of Canadian short films and videos who were rejected this year by the 2002 Vancouver International Film Festival. We invite all film and video makers whose work was refused by the Festival to send their work to US! (To be eligible for the screening, work must be under 30 minutes in length, be in 16mm or VHS screening formats, and be by Canadian media artists.) This event will be programmed by way of a lottery draw: the films and videos to be shown will be determined by a draw made up of all the submissions. We will show as many works as time allows.Call Cineworks at 685-3841 for more info on how to submit your work! SPECIAL START TIME: 7:30pm

Thursday October 31 8:30pm

"No director ever succeeded in conjuring up the supernatural as masterfully as this" (The Haunted Screen)
What better way to spend your Halloween than with the Eye of Newt and their incredible live soundtrack to Murnau's silent classic FAUST. FAUST captures the intensity of a medieval universe steeped in religious fanaticism and pagan alchemy. Black-hooded pallbearers lead a torchlit procession through a plague-stricken village literally cloaked by the wings of Satan. Crowded landscapes materialize and vanish in wisps of smoke, demonic creatures soar through the heavens. Earthly beings are tormented by the vaporous spirits that permeate the dungeon-like homes and Caligari-esque rooftops of this shadow world. In the eye of this infernal maelstrom is the great Emil Jannings (The Blue Angel, Othello), who sets off the film's sound and fury with a diabolically engaging performance, making Faust "a radiant jewel...a masterpiece." (The New York Times) (115 mins 1926)

Friday to Wednesday November 1-6 8:30pm nightly (no show Monday)

JEFFTOWNE is a film about Jeff Towne, a 38-year-old man with Down's Syndrome. Jeff is a controversial character, directly in opposition to the child-like, sympathetic handicap so often seen in the media. Instead, Jeff drinks heavily, indulges in pornography, and occasionally engages in petty theft. The film follows approximately one year in Jeff's life. He spends part of his time with his 96-year-old adopted mother, Genevieve. She is wheelchair-bound, plays her organ in her free time, and tries with little success to communicate with Jeff, who can only speak through grunts. She desperately pins their financial future on the certainty that they will win the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes. Jeff spends the rest of his days at the local mall movie theater. The employees there have become a sort of surrogate family for Jeff. They watch out for him and joke around with him. Their casualness with Jeff is sometimes startling - they ridicule him gently as they would with any friend. To outsiders this can, and does truly shock. The film follows Jeff's daily routine and daily troubles, including his poor leg circulation and constant dental troubles. It also follows several high points in Jeff's life, including his encounters with two celebrities - WILLIAM SHATNER and HULK HOGAN. JEFFTOWNE is unflinching, but compassionate. It shows Jeff as he is - not perfect, but undeniably Jeff. "Intensely human, fascinating, challenges our presumptions... The ultimate film of the Downs Syndrome demographic." - PAPER