This edition of the program marks the final quarter of the Blinding Light!! Cinema - the original "five year plan" will be complete by the time this calendar winds down. Time to move on to new obsessions, ideas, and ways of getting what matters out to the world. The Blinding Light!! Cinema has been a hatching ground for a wide range of artists and experiments, cross-pollinating media practices and helping to encourage new modes of expression. Groups like the Eye of Newt, Multiplex Grand, The Narcopleptic Videographer and many others have been able to cut their teeth in this space, allowing for and taking risks that wouldn't have otherwise been possible. Hundreds of media artists have appeared in person here over the years, and thousands of films and videos have screened to audiences 6 nights a week. That momentum will continue to reverberate for a very long time, in no small part because of the people who passed through and felt the possibilities. While this ending is sad in some ways, I hope the BL can act as a model to future ideas, whatever they may be.

A huge and overwhelming thanks to the collaborators, organizations, volunteers, staff and audiences new and old that made this idea work. Your numbers are large and your work and support will continue to be felt and continue to infect this town and the many places beyond these shores.

See you there.
-Alex MacKenizie